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Are you experiencing a financial hardship due to any of the following?


  • An Interest Rate Jump in your Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)
  • An Increase in Property Taxes
  • A Separation or Divorce
  • A Medical Hardship
  • A Reduction in Pay or Loss of Job
  • Declining Property Values in Your Area
  • High Credit Card Debit


Pre-Foreclosure Solutions

At America’s Home Rescue, LLC (AHR), our primary objective is to offer pre-foreclosure solutions that enable struggling homeowners to walk away from a potentially devastating situation, keep their credit intact, and move on with their lives.  We are a team of real estate professionals who have made the primary focus of our business working with homeowners and their banks to negotiate a mutually beneficial solution.

Many times, the best solution is a Short Sale.  A Short Sale is when the bank agrees to accept less than what is owed on the property as payment in full.  A Short Sale is a win-win for both the homeowner and the bank… the homeowner avoids the devastation of a foreclosure and the bank avoids the time and expense of the foreclosure process.

A Short Sale is most likely the best choice for a homeowner who is

  1. Behind on payments,
  2. Experiencing a financial hardship due to any of the above circumstances, and
  3. Upside down on their mortgage or has little to no equity in their home.

We Find Your Home Improvement Team for Any Budget

We also specialize in finding you the perfect team of home improvement contractors that specialize in working for clients with any budget. Many of you out there might be at a state where you aren’t facing foreclosure, but your home is in worsening condition every day and you don’t necessarily have the means to afford paying out of pocket right away.

This is where we come in and connect you with teams that we have worked with in the past and have had many success stories throughout the years. If you would like more information about financing home improvement and a select few of the great companies we work with, you can simply click on the links below or head over to our contact page with a little bit of information about yourself so we can better assist you!

U.S. News on what to do when you can’t afford home repair

Dillonsroofing.net – lewis turner arrowhead perfection t town a-best

USA.gov on repairing and improving your home

Please call us if you are delinquent on your mortgage payments.  Many states have an extremely aggressive foreclosure process, which means that when you fall behind on even one mortgage payment, the clock starts ticking, and there may be only a brief window of time in which we can work out a solution with your bank.

Please call us today.  Our team of Pre-Foreclosure Specialists are trained and ready to discuss your situation and the possible options that might be available to you.  We would consider it a privilege to work with you in an effort to save you from foreclosure and help you move on with your life!

The Team at America’s Home Rescue