About Us

America’s Home Rescue, LLC (AHR) is a team of licensed real estate professionals with Austin Realty Connection.  In 2002, Michael and Stacy Spickes formed Austin Home Rescue (now America’s Home Rescue), a company that focuses primarily on helping homeowners in pre-foreclosure situations. They are dedicated to educating homeowners on available options to avoid foreclosure and ultimately help them move on with their lives

AHR has saved hundreds of homeowners from foreclosure through Short Sale transactions.  A Short Sale is a win-win for both the homeowner and the bank… the homeowner avoids the devastation of a foreclosure and the bank avoids the time and expense of the foreclosure process.  A Short Sale is most likely the best choice for a homeowner who is:

  1. Behind on payments,
  2. Experiencing a financial hardship due to any of the above circumstances, and
  3. Upside down on their mortgage or has little to no equity in their home.

In this last transaction, an AHR Short Sale Specialist represents the homeowner as their real estate agent and negotiates with the homeowner’s lender on their behalf to accept less than what is owed on their property as payment in full. This service is free to the homeowner, as the lender pays the real estate commissions and closing costs on the homeowner’s behalf.  Truly, this is a win-win for both the bank and the homeowner.

AHR hopes to reduce the foreclosure rate across the Nation by educating homeowners about their pre-foreclosure options and providing viable solutions to enable homeowners to get their homes sold and avoid the devastation of foreclosure.